Three tips on what to look for in flooring

Three tips on what to look for in flooring

Flooring isn't something we buy often. So the last thing we want is to consider constant repairs and early replacement.

Here are some things you should look for when shopping for new floors.

Everyone wants style!

This would be a good time to think about your design goals. Specifically, what feeling do you want to impart?

For example, hardwood is classic, timeless, and works with any decor, mainly due to the many stains and finishes. On the other hand, tile can be sleek and sophisticated or highly decorative.

Carpet adds elegance to a room.

Hint: If budget's an issue, consider luxury vinyl or laminate for wood, stone, and tile looks.

Durability and stain resistance

You'll see a lot of colors, styles, and designs in our flooring store. It's important to buy what suits your installation and needs, however. No one wants edges that curl, layers that peel, or printed design sheets that look work and "walked off."

Every space has its challenges and priorities. Different floorings have various strengths and absorbent levels. Make sure you consider them!

Hint: Do some research. Get familiar with different carpet fibers, hardwood species, and tile types. Look for wear layers and AC Ratings.

Long life spans

Depending on quality levels, correct installation, and care, many floorings can last 20-30 years. Your flooring company can offer tips on maintenance.

Two stand-outs are hardwood, solid and engineered, lasting for many decades. Tile can last up to 50 years.

Hint: Buy the best your budget will allow. Examine hardwood species hardness and luxury vinyl/ laminate thickness. When comparing carpets, be sure they are all of equal quality.

A world of flooring color and texture in Hesston, KS

When you enter the Hesston Decorating Center, you enter a world of flooring color and texture. Our creative and highly trained professionals will help you select the right new floors.

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