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Window treatments are an excellent way to dress up your windows, match your décor, and even protect your upholstery and flooring. But if you've never experienced them in your own home, you might not even know where to start to pick a perfect product. We want to give you more information on that very topic, so read along for information that could help.

Are window blinds suitable for everyone?

Window blinds come with some of the most impressive benefits, including the ability to control both light and heat. Full-light, filtered light, and total blackout are available options with just one set of quality blinds, giving you plenty of control. But they also offer outstanding privacy, ease of installation and care, and the ability to layer with additional window treatments like sheers, curtains, or blinds.

Graber blinds are impressive products that offer everything from high-end, solid wood materials to affordable options in vinyl or aluminum. In addition to providing such an exceptional range of options and materials, Graber also offers a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind that is a delightful benefit for your remodel.

Enjoy additional Graber blind benefits that include cordless options for a safer home, energy-efficient designs, motorized options with remote control features. These custom options prove how much your specific requirements matter. No matter what type of window treatment you choose, you'll find these products a joy to incorporate into your design scheme. For more information about all the variety you can take advantage of, visit us for a personalized consultation today.

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When you choose Hesston Decorating Center for your remodeling project of any size, you’ll find we offer a wide variety of products as well as knowledgeable staff members that can help you make a perfect selection. In addition, we offer all the color and texture diversity you might require for your windows and project coordination that will serve you well from start to finish. We value each of our customers and ensure the results you want and need.

From our showroom in Hesston, KS, we cater to the areas of Hesston, KS, McPherson, KS, Moundridge, KS, Newton, KS, Hesston, KS, && McPherson, KS. When you’re in the area, visit us and ask specifically about window treatments you might need the most. We’ll match you with window blinds, curtains, and drapes to ensure your results are everything you want them to be and more.